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Section 11 introduces slavery and trafficking prevention orders in Northern Ireland: new civil orders imposing prohibitions and limitations by the courts on individuals convicted of a slavery or trafficking offence, or defendants alleged to have been involved in slavery or trafficking but who have not been convicted of a slavery or trafficking offence.


The effect of slavery and trafficking prevention order to prohibit the defendant from doing anything described in the order. The order includes prohibitions which the court believes are necessary for the purpose of protecting persons generally, or particular persons, from being subjected to slavery or human trafficking. The order may prohibit defendants from doing things both in the United Kingdom and anywhere outside the United Kingdom.

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Section 11. Slavery and trafficking prevention orders

Schedule 3 (which makes provision for, and in connection with, slavery and trafficking prevention orders) has effect.

Law / United Kingdom / Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Criminal Justice and Support for Victims) Act (Northern Ireland)

The Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Criminal Justice and Support for Victims) Act (Northern Ireland) received Royal Assent on the 13th of January 2015.

The objective of the Act was to provide Northern Ireland with a more robust legal framework in relation to the prosecution of traffickers and those subjecting people in Northern Ireland to conditions of slavery; the provision of improved support for victims; and tackling the demand for the services of trafficked victims.

The Bill also sought to achieve improved compliance with international obligations under the Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings and the European Directive on Preventing and Combating Trafficking in Human Beings and Protecting its Victims.

This Northern Irish legislation, is part of a movement to consolidate and strengthen the laws addressing human trafficking, forced labour, slavery and servitude in the UK. As part of this process, legislation was adopted across the UK, in Northern Ireland (Human Trafficking and Exploitation Act ), Scotland (Human Trafficking and Exploitation Act), and England and Wales (Modern Slavery Act).