Section 16



Minimum wage

This section requires home workers to be paid a minimum rate of pay. Failure to comply with this provision may be penalised with a term of imprisonment of three months or a fine up to fifty thousand baht.


Chapter 5 of the Act establishes the Home Work Protection Committee, which is tasked with setting the rates of pay for home works and for making policy recommendations regarding the promotion and protection of home workers.

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Section 16.

In the determination of remuneration for the home work, if the home work is of the same nature and quality and equal quantity the remuneration for the home worker to be determined by the hirer shall not be less than that stipulated by the labour protection law specified by the Committee with no discrimination in this regard.

Law /Thailand / Home Workers Protection Act B.E. 2010

The Homeworkers Protection Act sets out specific protections and procedures for workers contracted to produce or assemble products in their home.  The Act in particular covers the requirement to provide a written contract, rates of pay for home workers, unfair deductions, and health and safety requirements.