Section 17


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Compensation Criminal liability Human trafficking

This Section instructs the Court to order the perpetrator of a human trafficking crime to provide compensation to the victim, and specifies that the amount of  compensation granted should not be less than half of the fine imposed on the perpetrator as a punishment.

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Section 17. Compensation:

(1) A court shall issue order to provide compensation to the victim which shall not be less than half of the fine levied as punishment to the offender

(2) If the victim dies before receiving the compensation under SubSection (1) and if he/she does have children below the age of 18, the children shall receive the compensation. If the victim does not have any children, the dependant parents shall receive the compensation.

(3) If there are no dependant parents and minor children to receive compensation under Sub-Section (2), the amount should be accrued in the Rehabilitation Fund.

Law / Nepal / Human Trafficking and Transportation Control Act, 2007

This Act was enacted in order to criminalise and persecute human trafficking. The Act provides the relevant punishments for offences committed under the Act, entrenches the right to compensation of victims of trafficking, and sets out the steps to be taken in order to facilitate the rehabilitation and protection of the victim.