Section 19



Wage manipulation, non-payment or withholding of wages

Section 19 addresses the problem of wage manipulation for home workers, by prohibiting deductions from wages other than for specified purposes, such as tax or pension contributions.

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Section 19.

In no case shall the hirer deduct the remuneration unless it is deducted for the following.
(1) payment of tax in the amount to be paid by the home worker
(2) other payments as specified by law (3) compensation for loss to the hirer due to the home worker’s willful act or gross negligent, with consent to be obtained from the home worker
(4) payment of damages or penalties in case the home worker delivers the home work later than delivery schedule, with consent to be obtained from the home worker The deduction of remuneration in the cases referred to under (3) or (4) shall not be made more than ten per cent of the remuneration the home worker is entitled to receive for each installment of remuneration. Deduction for income tax in the case referred to under (1) above shall be made in accordance with the Revenue Code.

Law /Thailand / Home Workers Protection Act B.E. 2010

The Homeworkers Protection Act sets out specific protections and procedures for workers contracted to produce or assemble products in their home.  The Act in particular covers the requirement to provide a written contract, rates of pay for home workers, unfair deductions, and health and safety requirements.