Section 3 (1)



Minimum wage

Under section 3, all employees working in a regular work place in Austria are entitled to wages as defined in the law in, regulations or in collective agreements.

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Section 3.
(1) Employees with their habitual place of work in Austria shall be mandatorily entitled to the remuneration determined by law, ordinance or collective agreement.

(2)  Employees  with  their  habitual  place  of  work  in  Austria  whose  employer  is  not  established  in  Austria  and  is  not  a  member  of  a  corporate  body  entitled  to  enter  into  collective  agreements  in  Austria  shall  be  mandatorily  entitled  to  the  same  remuneration  determined  by  law,  ordinance  or  collective  agreement to which comparable workers employed by comparable employers are entitled at the place of work.

(3) Workers posted to Austria by an employer established in an EU Member State or EEA State or a third  country  in  order  to  perform  work  shall,  without  prejudice  to  the  law  governing  the  employment  relationship,  be  mandatorily  entitled  to  at  least  the remuneration  determined  by  law,  ordinance  or  collective  agreement  (except  for  contributions  pursuant  to  Section  6  of  the  Corporate  Staff  and  Self-Employment  Provision  Act  (Betriebliches  Mitarbeiter-  und  Selbständigenvor sorgegesetz,  BMSVG),
Federal  Law  Gazette  I  no.  100/2002  or  comparable  Austrian  legislation,  and contributions  or  premiums  pursuant   to   the   Company   Pension   Act   (Betrieb spensionsgesetz,   BPG),   Federal   Law   Gazette   no. 282/1990) to which comparable workers employed by comparable employers are entitled at the place of work.


(6)  For  posted  workers  involved  in  construction  work  for  the  purpose  of  erection,  restoration, maintenance,  conversion  or  demolition  of  buildings,  in  particular  in  excavation,  earthwork, construction  work  in  the  narrow  sense,  erection  and  disassembly of  pre-fabricated  elements,  fittings  or  equipment,  conversion, renovation, repair, dismantling work, demolition work, servicing, maintenance (painting and cleaning  work)  or  refurbishment  as  well  as  in  repairs  and  installations  at  plant  facilities,  Paras.  3  and  4 shall, in any case, apply as of the first day of employment in Austria.

Law / Federal Law Gazette I Nr. 44/2016 /Austria / Anti Wage and Social Dumping Act

The Anti Wage and Social Dumping Act regulates the monitoring of minimum wages paid to employees in Austria. And introduces the obligations to notify and provide specific documentation for cross border postings and hiring out labour. Under this Act, employers are fined for breach of their obligations to pay employees a minimum wage, including in cross-border employment relations. Furthermore, it includes specific liability rules for the construction sector, which extent liability for the payment of minimum wages by subcontractors to the principal contractor. The Act entered into force on the 1st of January 2017.