Section 127


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Coercive, unfair or deceptive recruitment Discrimination Employment contracts Health and safety Reporting Wage manipulation, non-payment or withholding of wages

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The principal contractor is liable for the payment of any remuneration of the relevant employees that has not been paid for work done in connection with the contract during any period of the contract unless the principal contractor has a written statement given by the subcontractor under this section for that period of the contract.

Law / 13th June 1996 / Australia / Industrial Relations Act 1996 (NSW)

The objects of this Act are as follows:
(a)  to provide a framework for the conduct of industrial relations that is fair and just,
(b)  to promote efficiency and productivity in the economy of the State,
(c)  to promote participation in industrial relations by employees and employers at an enterprise or workplace level,
(d)  to encourage participation in industrial relations by representative bodies of employees and employers and to encourage the responsible management and democratic control of those bodies,
(e)  to facilitate appropriate regulation of employment through awards, enterprise agreements and other industrial instruments,
(f)  to prevent and eliminate discrimination in the workplace and in particular to ensure equal remuneration for men and women doing work of equal or comparable value,
(g)  to provide for the resolution of industrial disputes by conciliation and, if necessary, by arbitration in a prompt and fair manner and with a minimum of legal technicality,
(h)  to encourage and facilitate co-operative workplace reform and equitable, innovative and productive workplace relations.