Article 4



Corporate criminal liability Economic sanctions Forced labour Slavery

Under this provision, the cancellation of the business licence ordered by Article 1 of the Law, reaches the business partners -individual and legal persons- of the penalized business.  Under this Article, the business partners of the concerned business, are prohibited from developing the same activities or engaging in the same business as the company concerned, and are prevented from entering a new application for inscription in the registry for 10 years.


This article further prohibits the business partners from receiving any loans or credit from the State.

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Law / 28 January 2013 /Brazil / Sao Paolo State Law No. 14.946 / 2013

This Sao Paolo State Law provides for the cancellation of the registration of any business found to have made direct or indirect use of slave labour or labour in conditions akin to slavery at any stage in their supply chains. This means that the company will be prevented from performing any transactions, and closed. This measure applies both to those involved directly and those who benefit indirectly from the use of slave labour, and it reaches the business partners of the business or company involved, who are prevented from entering a new application for registration for 10 years. See similar laws in the States of Piauí and Bahia.